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The trained karate-ka is able to co-ordinate his mind and body perfectly, thereby enabling him to unleash tremendous physical power at will. It is not the possession of great strength that makes a good karate-ka, rather the ability to co-ordinate body and mind. With this ability, even a small person finds that he/she has the power to deliver a devastating blow to any attackers.

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Perseverance, Endurance, Responsibility

Practises Classical Original Okinawan style Karate to Equip students, regardless of Age or Creed, to Defend themselves through Traditional Physical Karate Training; Strive to Cultivate Good Character, Perseverance, Endurance, Responsibility and Social Virtue among all members; Is a Professionally run, Non-profit Organization; IOGKF SA Believes it can only be the Best by Satisfying the Needs of all its Members through Committed, Well-trained, Co-responsible Instructors.

The International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Federation

Largest formal international Goju Ryu

Although Higaonna Sensei has had representatives in various countries since the 1960’s, making it became necessary to structure a formal organisation to control the standard of instructors and members worldwide resulting in the official establishing of IOGKF in 1979. South Africa was one of the founder countries that has seen IOGKF expand into over 60 countries and is currently the largest formal international Goju Ryu organisation.


The combined system of strong breathing and lethal self-defence techniques is only found in few Okinawan styles.  Our emphasis is primarily on a self defence system taught in a classical traditional manner the best word to describe our style would be with a metaphor.



We are the only style that has a scientifically related warming up and conditioning programme developed over decades of research.This is an integral part of your training and you should regard it as such aimed to get heart rate up, fluid into joints, muscles alert, Strengthening main and multi-joint muscle group and teaching the body to Breath correctly and the creation of Kime.


Basic skills are repeated in order for them to remain effective.  Attacking / Defending using the entire body as a weapon. Standing / Moving – Forward, Backwards, Sideways, Sabaki, Free Moving, Single techniques, Multiple techniques, Different Stances, Combos.


The use of different components of supplementary training focused on strengthening the body Traditional: Chi’shi, Kongoken, Nigiri game, Makiwara, Ishi Sashi. Modern: Gymnasium, Kettle Bells, Punching bag, Pads.


Kata consists of a number of defensive and offensive counter movements against an imaginary opponent according to a fixed pattern, which has been handed down for centuries. The importance of kata can never be emphasised enough  KATA IS KARATE AND KARATE IS KATA Haishughata Kata’s Sanchin, Tensho Kaishughata Kata’s 10 Different Kata’s designed to build different aspects of your ability.


This entails attacks and defences against an opponent and ranges from the very basic standing and blocking to the ultimate free sparring or Randori. The intensity and complexity will depend on the experience and grade of the student. Attacking / Defending / Counter Attacking Standing, Moving, free, one technique, two techniques, Multiple techniques, Closed Hand, One Hand. Kata Bunkai is the ability to applying fighting techniques to the Kata Renzoku, Basic, Ojo.

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Formal Classes – are physically demanding structure events aimed at ensuring good technical efficiency and physical condition following a formal syllabus to ensure international standard maintenance. Gasshuku’s – formal seminars focused on knowledge absorption, mental and physical conditioning.Gradings – formal testing of skills to ensure standards are maintained and individual progression. PT Test – formal structured testing to support body conditioning needed to become effective.Informal Classes – self-training aimed at repeating lessons learnt to improve abilities

Goju Ryu is not just an attempt at martial arts, it is a system (Ryu) designed to ensure progression in one’s ability to become a weapon designed to protect yourself as well as those around you. With structured steps focusing on key objectives aims to ensure success. 

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